Press Release Jun. 01 2017


CROWDLOC Launches Affordable, Low Power Location Tracking Platform


French-German Startup comes out of stealth mode
to locate Consumer Electronics devices & enterprise assets with Bluetooth
® Low Energy


Versailles, France & Berlin, Germany - IoT Expo - June 1st, 2017 - CROWDLOC today announced the launch of its affordable, low power location tracking platform for consumer electronics and enterprise assets, using Bluetooth® Low Energy.


“CROWDLOC’s mission is to fight the global problem of loss and theft, a multi-billion Euro market on a global scale,“ explained Ludovic Privat, CEO and co-founder. “To address this problem at scale we have developed a software platform and are building up an Alliance of companies mutualizing the consumer reach of their mobile applications to curb loss and theft.“

At the heart of CROWDLOC is a mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android and iOS smartphones that records the nearby presence of Bluetooth® devices. This software is embedded in the apps of the CROWDLOC Alliance’s partners and has been uniquely designed to be power-friendly while working in the background.


The mobile SDK sends the location of Bluetooth® devices and tags to a cloud system where the data is processed and enhanced using sophisticated machine learning algorithms with high attention to end-user privacy.

“CROWDLOC's DNA is B2B and software. Our ambition is to serve a large spectrum of vertical markets while fully mutualizing the location of Bluetooth® assets across the mobile apps of our partners in the CROWDLOC Alliance,“ added Ludovic Privat.

The CROWDLOC platform will be available at the end of June 2017 to global partners. Selected beta partners in the CROWDLOC Alliance have started to integrate the service in their apps.


As part of its launch CROWDLOC is doing a pan-European roadshow to meet with existing and potential customers at the following events:

  • IoT Expo Berlin - June 1st-2nd (Exhibition)

  • Geo IoT World, Brussels - June 6th-8th. CROWDLOC’s CEO Ludovic Privat will speak.

  • conference on June 8th afternoon.

  • IoT World Europe (TechXLR8), London Excel - June 13th-15th (Exhibition).

  • Viva Technology, Paris - June 16th.




CROWDLOC is a B2B, Software-as-a-Service provider, offering affordable, low power location tracking services for consumers & enterprises. CROWDLOC’s disruptive service is based on a low power mobile software development kit embedded in the apps of an alliance of Bluetooth® devices manufacturers.

The company was founded in 2016 and is located in Versailles & Munich. The founding team is made of French and German serial entrepreneurs, supported by European business angels.