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We believe in a future where loss and theft are not ineluctable. Our mission is to solve this global problem, a multi-billion euro market on a worldwide scale.


CROWDLOC is a Business to Business, Software-as-a-Service provider, offering affordable, low power location tracking services for consumers & enterprises. 


Our disruptive location tracking service is based on a low power software component embedded in the mobile apps of an alliance of partners in multiple market verticals. This mutualized network (the crowd) geo-locates the assets of our partners 24/7.



At the heart of CROWDLOC is our mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) that records the nearby presence of Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled devices. This small footprint SDK is embedded in the apps of our partners and has been uniquely designed to be power friendly while working 24/7 in the background.


This software sends the harvested data to our cloud system where the location of Bluetooth® wireless technology devices and tags is cleaned and processed using machine learning and artificial intelligence with a high attention to end user privacy

Technology breakthrough

  • Low power, easy to set up SDK & API

  • Backward compatible with most Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled devices

Future proof

  • Rely on smartphone positioning system and our cloud-based location engine

  • Bluetooth® 5 and 5.1 opening new possibilities in the future




The CROWDLOC Alliance is an association of device manufacturers, application developers, wireless operators and enterprises that believe in the value of a community-based location tracking system

You sell Bluetooth®​ wireless technology enabled electronics and want to offer a location service?

  • Locate your Bluetooth® wireless technology products with 100% software

  • Easy & fast integration into your existing app

  • Flexible business model

You want a location tracking service for your assets?

  • Affordable location tracking

  • Small tags, years long service

  • Easy & fast to implement



CROWDLOC was founded in 2016 by a duo of French and German serial entrepreneurs. The company is supported by European business angels, all seasoned executives with past and present experience in the location technology, navigation and Telecom industries.


The company is Headquartered in Versailles, France with a sales office in Munich, Germany.


Entrepreneur & worldwide expert in Location-Based Services

Ludovic Privat, is a worldwide expert in Location-Based Services. After a first career in Europe in Public Relations and marketing for consumer electronics and GPS companies (Navman, TomTom) he moved to the United States where he launched in 2007 the worldwide portal and Newsletter GPS Business News. Ludovic founded in 2013 the ConnecteDriver conference and advised a number of international startups in the field of connected cars & location-based services.

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ALEKS RISTIC, Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur, co-founded 3 startups

Prior to joining CROWDLOC, Aleks was Co-founder & CEO of gobandit, the first action camera with GPS and WiFi embedding performance data into videos. Gobandit was sold to TomTom. Before that Aleks was Co-founder of Airloft, the first sport tracking device with GPS, a company that was sold to Brunswick Corp in 2005. He also Co-founded surfID, a mobile marketing solution based on SMS which was sold to bruNET AG. He worked & lived in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States.

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Headquarters: 2 Place de Touraine, 78000 Versailles FRANCE

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