Paravol expands market presence in France

June 11, 2019


CROWDLOC’s customer Paravol has recently expanded its market presence in France providing its marking and tracking products to electric kick-scooters and electric unicycles in addition to bicycles, as well as via partnerships and availability in retail shops.

In 2018 the market for owned electric kickscooters (besides free floating) grew 129 % in France to reach 232 749 units. In comparison the electric bike market grew 21% to reach 338 000 sales in France the same year.

While an electric bike costs in average €1585 the price of an electric kick-scooter fell 22% to €490 in 2018.

This fast market development has also seen the rise of theft, hence the need for a location tracking solution. The Paravol Traceur, thanks to its affordable price (€36), small size and long battery life is therefore a perfect solution for electric kick-scooters and unicycles.

Paravol has partnered with insurance startup Wizzas to add Paravol Traceur to their insurance packages dedicated to these vehicles. It has also set up a partnership with Esprit Roue, a very active online forum gathering  the French « Wheelers » community.

In addition to these developments towards electric kick-scooters and unicycles, Paravol has started retail sales of its Traceur in June 2019 in multiple French cities, both in bicycle and electric mobility shops.

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